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Images, Matterport 360 Virtual Tours & Floor Plans




Appointment takes about one hour and an half for 2-3 Bedroom House and a bit less for the Apartments. Standard service includes between 15-20 edited and levelled images ( exterior and interior ) 360 Matterport Tour link and JPG of basic Schematic Floor Plan showing layout of the property with windows and doors and features. Price list available via email or a phone call request.


Other Services: Airbnb Hosting Rooms Photography, Hotel Rooms Listings Images, Retail Property Photography (Shops and Boutiques) Bars And Restaurants Interiors, Industrial Photography (Building Sites and Completions ) Any type of Ambient Photography for Construction Companies that requires long exposures after dark. Architecture, office spaces and lobbies. If service that you think I will be able to supply is not listed please contact me via or simply call on 07875555216

Equipment : I use set of Canon's Full Frame Camera Bodies ( 30 MP censors) with Tamron 16-35mm Ultra Wide Angle lenses. Internal photography is supported by Canon 600EX-RT SpeedLite Flash Gun. All photographs are always taken using high quality tripod for extra support and levelling. For more custom projects I am using Digital Medium Format Pentax 645Z ( 50 MP medium format censor). Virtual Tours are created with Matterport Pro 2 and Ricoh Z1 cameras. All the files are edited in Adobe Lightroom Software.

Insurances and DBS:

Professional Indemnity - up to £50,000

Public Liability - up to £1,000,000

DBS Check 

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